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Comprehensive Financial Planning

At LoneTree Wealth Management, our seasoned advisors specialize in tailoring the financial planning process according to your unique goals and values. After assessing your current resources, goals and risk tolerances, we craft a comprehensive plan covering investments, estate strategy, tax strategy and insurance analyses. This allows us to construct a personalized portfolio, designed around your needs, to ensure you have the financial resources needed for your envisioned retirement lifestyle.

Our Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

Our financial planners are dedicated to helping you reach your future objectives while also preparing for unexpected circumstances. Through strategic analysis of potential investment risks, the development of sensible household budgets, and proactive tax planning, we take an all-encompassing approach to wealth management. Our services include:

Personalized Investment Plans: We create a detailed investment plan tailored to your current budget and short- and long-term financial objectives. By evaluating your balance sheet, including assets such as savings, stocks, real estate, and other securities, our advisors determine the necessary time frame and expected returns to achieve your goals.

Retirement Planning: Our investment professionals analyze your retirement aspirations and devise a complete strategy to achieve them through estate planning, investment management, and tax planning.

Alternative Investments: Depending on your investment horizon and risk tolerance, alternative investments like private equity, hedge funds, commodities, managed futures, and real estate may be suitable. We provide guidance on the potential challenges and benefits associated with these options.

Estate Planning and Tax Strategy: Our team assists you in navigating complexities such as blended families, long-term medical and special needs provisions, and business assets, providing foundational support tailored to your unique circumstances. We also work with different attorneys and CPAs to ensure a thorough analysis of your financial situation.

Education Planning: LoneTree will help you develop a sensible plan to fund your children's college educations.

Family Security Planning: Prepare for unexpected events like accidents or illnesses by ensuring your loved ones have financial protection. Insurance policies can cover medical expenses and nonmedical costs such as childcare, groceries, transportation, utilities, and housing.

Small Business Consulting: Our experienced team offers advice on optimizing your company's costs and creating a tax plan that maximizes deductions, business structure efficiency, and succession planning/sale strategies.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced financial advisors. Our team includes Certified Financial Planner professionals who adhere to rigorous fiduciary and ethical standards. Get assistance with our range of client-focused financial services designed to enhance security and independence.

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